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After 7 years of owning and operating Townies Pizzeria in Fernandina Beach, FL I had turned a small little pizzeria into a thriving business. Most of our guests never came into the restaurant and I relied upon my delivery drivers as our main source of revenue. However, after a while I realized that almost every complaint originated from the delivery process. Guests were always calling in and asking "where's my pizza", or "how much longer?"


Having a background in technology I realized that most of the complaints could be solved by automating the delivery process via technology that focused on improving the delivery experience for all the parties; i.e, our guests, drivers, and manager(s).

WOW! An idea was born! To create a mobile app linking all parties thereby reducing complaints, increasing efficiency and ultimately selling more pizzas. DeliveryLink was born

Reduce Complaints

I realized that technology could solve a big part of the delivery complaints; however, it quickly became apparent to me that technology was not available to me. Sure the big chains like Dominos and Pizza Hut had this technology; but, a turnkey solution that integrated my pos sales feed with a delivery app did not exist. So I created DeliveryLink


Currently, we have many orders per day and many drivers.  DeliveryLink  captures live orders from the pos, optimizes and groups orders for Dave and the other drivers while effortlessly communicating to the guest live tracking links, driver profiles, eta's and more.


Drop Your Third-Party Delivery!

Isn't this what you want?  Now you can easily replace your third-party delivery with a world class delivery product that connects:

  • Managers
  • Drivers
  • Guests

Ultimately saving money and controlling your guest data and delivery 




Dashboard analytics are a fingertip away on your dashboard.  Track all your key metrics here:


Here’s all the good stuff

Reliable system

Tested and proven in a real world environment.

POS integrations

Point of sale (pos) providers will allow for integrations via an open API module. Call us with your individual pos setup.

Intelligent optimizations

Via live sales feed directly to your drivers you will be able to intelligently optimize your delivery process.

IIntuitive design

Ease of use is important, and our driver app and dashboard allows for ease of use via our intuitive features and design.


Meet our team

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Matt Klabacka


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Alex Per


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Aljosa Nikic

Product Lead

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Hampton Sparkman

Quality Control

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David Nackashi

Creative Director

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Milovan Topic

Senior Developer

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Angie Klabacka

Chief of Technoker